6 Types of people you meet at the gym

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We all have gone to the gym at some time of our life. Some to beef up, some to tone down and some just to have something to do in the evenings. No matter what category you are in, you must have come across these people at your gym. 1. The ‘Rocky Balboa Uncle’: He comes. He exercises. He conquers. Protein shake in one hand, bandana on his forehead and a music player playing eye of the tiger. They are the epitome of gym dedication. He will come everyday, some days he’ll come twice. Rigorously do every single exercise on his exercise chart. Yes, he is perhaps the only one who uses it and follows it religiously. You don’t want to be up against him in a marathon. 2. The ‘Arnold Schwarzeneggggeradaeioweoiqe” guy: This guy makes you think of your life as the most worthless thing in existence. So you are doing your final set of bicep curl with the bad-ass 20 pounders and he starts his warm up with a 80. He makes all your time in the gym seem like a pitiful waste of time. The trainers all seem to flock to him, even though he clearly doesn’t need them. Generally idolizes people like Salman Khan and Sunny Deol. We can all be like him, all we need to eat are 15 eggs a day and walk like theres a stick stuck between our arms and torso. 3. The ‘pressure cooker’: She’s the one who whistles out a long and very high pitched phoooooooooo after every muscle exertion. Well this may not be a generality but every gym memory has one of these. You could hear her as you got out of the elevator. Maybe channelling all that sound energy to food may even help in cooking it, who knows. Physics is a strange science. 4. The “Hot babe”: Lets accept it. Every gym has at least one. The ultra beautiful creation of god who comes at such a time that sets the schedule of almost every other gymmer. We all want to talk to her, all want to work out next to her and we all fantasize about her (steam room, changing room, elevator etc.).  But at most the extent of our conversation will be limited to, Me: Guess what, she spoke to me today. That too on her own! Jealous Friend: WTF? kya hua? detail mein bol. Me: She asked me at the health bar, “Please pass me the salt” !! Friend: wooooowwwww, Im going to eat there everyday now. 5. The “Aaj to pakka body banaunga” guy: He comes in all pumped up. Hrithik Roshan photos inspire him and he dreams of having a perfect 6-pack every morning. His routine usually starts with the most strenuous exercise owing to all that adrenaline. A number 4 or number 2 around from the above categories pushes the macho in him off the charts. Theres nothing really wrong with him except that his workout usually ends with a stop at the local vada pao stall or the sandwich wala. 6. And lastly the “Kal se gym pakka” guy: All of us have been there, done that. Common reasons given by this person range from not feeling well because of last months gym session to having no time in their busy doing nothing schedule. These are people I respect a great deal. Even though they have the urge to do something to better their health, they are quite content in being procrastinators. As I read recently in a friends post, Life is too short to waste away in the gym anyway!  

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