Bade Achhe Lagte Hai

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In a previous articles : KYUNKI this is the KAHANI of Indian soap operas! We  listed  things which seem to happen in these serials on a regular basis, and which common man might find difficult to digest. A funny picture of Ekta Kapoor in a water tubThis one is about the hit serial that’s being going on for some time now on the SonyEntertainment Television and has kept all the women in every house glued to their sofas in front of the television to see Priya and Ram slowly fall in love. Well in some houses even the men are glued to their seats. The Ekta Kapoor serial shows a different concept about a house old of a married couple, but as usual all serials have to have a negative role, and when it comes to a family serial it’s obvious either theSaas(mother-in law) or the Bahu(daughter-in law) have to do a negative role. Well in this, that role is done by the “saas”. Every Indian Mega Serial is watched by every house wife, at least for a month. “Baade Achhe Lagte Hai” comes under the “AAGE KYA HOGA” category of serials. There are no categories for serials as such, but i have made a few categories. They are : AAGE KYA HOGA (What’s next??) VO TOH HOGA HI ( Obviously that will happen) DUKH SA SERIAL (Such a sad serial) YE SIRF SERIAL MAI HO SAKTA HAI (All this will happen in serials only) The must haves of an Indian serial are “THE TU TU –MAI MAI” between the saas and the Bahu or the mother and the children or between the in-laws of different households, and to top it all, the romantic couple of the serial. Where the chup chup ke milna and the Families milna and in the end a one week of wedding that happens. One week is the reality time in the serials, its one and a half month of wedding and wedding preparations. Addiction to Indian serials started from “Kyunki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi” & “Kahaani ghar ghar ki” according to my knowledge because in my house they relived all those scenes when they saw Priya in this particular serial. Sakshi Tanvar was well known in those serials and after the women saw her again all those old moments came back to life. It’s really astonishing how the actress maintains her looks even after so many decades!  Even if the serial has just kicked off a few weeks ago it’s got a hold of all the hearts who actually put all their work aside or even complete all their work and make sure they are tuned on to the Sony tv between 10.30pm and 11.00pm. The serial is so popular that it was even asked as a “Fastest Figure First” question on “Kaun Banega Crorepati” the contestants had to answer the following question related to the serial. ARRANGE THE FOLLOWING WORDS ACCORDING TO THE ACTUAL NAME OF THE SERIAL A) Bade                                 B) Lagte                                 C) Hai                                   D) Ache The contestant who arranged the above correctly the fastest would get to play a game of 5croes with Amitabh Bachan. My 4 year old cousin who would not say “mummy” and “papa” properly, would sing the title song of this serial with the correct pitch sur and taal!! This is what you call Heights of Popularity!!! To top it all, the couple Ram and Priya will be called upon as contestants, in the Kaun Banega Crorepati show to play for a cause. Won’t go in any other details to how the serial is being promoted, and how mindless the Indian TV serials are, but this one definitely proved to be yet another Blockbuster by Ekta Kapoor.

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