Filmy Chakkar

Indian government decides to give UP legacy in Anna’s hands

August 29, 2013
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January 11, 2013

  So you made your dreaded New Year resolutions fearing the worst…. For added effects and reminding yourself from time to time you made that cute little poster and wrote all your aims and plans in bright red colour with golden highlight over it and also brought rocky wallpaper with captain “what doesn’t kill make me stronger”.  […]

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5 Reasons To Stop Expecting More

December 17, 2012

Been there done that…….nailed it and smile plastered all over my face….who’s your daddy       now.. Congratulations. You now have my attention. And the guy you see in the mirror might even be drawn towards thinking the following 800 words are on my barneyisque exploits aka how he met many mothers… but sadly […]

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