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All Humour arises out of Serious Situations. Now what can be more serious and tough job than that of a truck driver. 18 hours on road, and that too the Indians roads. We all lucky few connected to internet got a very new interesting channel in our last decade, to express our creativity through the blogs/tweets/facebook statuses. But we would rather say that one such channel was always in use, and that is the back of the truck. Their creativity arising out of their tough circumstances, frequently brings a much needed smile and laughter to millions of commuters on the road everyday. The bewakoof.com writers shared and listed their own experience of coming across such one-liners. Do check out  

  • Mera Bharat Mahan. \m/ . We feel that this is written by default whenever some one buys a new truck.
  • Buri Nazar Waale Tera Muh Kaala. B-)
  • Written at the back of a Tempo in Ludhiana : Badha ho kar main bhi Truck Banungaa. :)
  • Dil 20 13 80 20 Tere ;)
  • Excuse the Dust.
  • Buri nazar lagayega …. chappal khayenga. :P
  •  “बुरी नज़र वाले, तेरे बच्चे जियें, बड़े होकर, देसी शराब पियें” :D
  • Apne samaan ki suraksha khud kare.
  • Himmat ho toh pass kar, warna Bardasht kar.
  • Main Chali, toh teri kyu jali ??
  • Iran ka paani, kam pii meri raani ;)
  • Anar Kali , Bhar Ke Chali, Dekhno Walo ki Jaan Jali.
  • Aamiro ki Jindagi Biscuit aur cake Driver ki Jindagi Stearing aur Brake. :(
  • Chunnu, Munnu De Papa di Gaddi.
  • vekhi jaa par chedi naa :P
  • Dekh magar pyar se.
  • Hum Do Hamare Do ;)
  • Mainu na chedo, mein kishta wich aai hain:) (Dont tease me, i am purchased in installments)
  • 100nu(Sonu) te pappi di gaddi.
  • Buri nazar wale tere bache jiyen, bade hokar tera khun piyen.
  • Maalik toh dildaar hai, Bass chamcho se pareshaan hai.:-/
  • “जगह मिलने पर साइड देंगे” ;)
  • “दुल्हन वही जो पिया मन भाये,गाड़ी वही जो नोट कमाए” :)
  • Jatt Di Mercedez
  • Jatt Risky After Whisky
We would be back with more such stuff soon. Use Dipper at Night. TATA

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