Is Tata Nano the World’s Cheapest Car? | Pakistan outdoes India

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Just surfing over net, I was wondering what car should one purchase? And having an Indian mind I looked for a car with mileage like a motorcycle, price as of a Tata Nano and comfort of a BMW. Well, one must not have such expectations even in dreams but there is one country which made this dream true and that country is Pakistan. I never knew that they had launched Sitara. It’s not the musical instrument sitar, it’s a car. It was launched by Habib motors. They said that the car had been designed keeping fuel shortage and parking problems in view which are going to get worse as car production grows. Though many people especially Indians didn’t agree that it by any ways represented a car, but these are things said in anger and Indians will take some time to accept the bitter truth that Pakistan had ‘beaten’ India by coming across a cheaper CAR three years before the launch of Nano as said by the newspapers. I don’t know why people kept calling bechari ‘Sitara’ a cart or a Golf cart. Some even say it is a time machine. According to them “The thing looks like it’s come out of 1910. The ‘designer’ is clearly not acquainted with something called technology or basic aerodynamics (whatever that means). It is fabulous work of art; probably the Jahangir art gallery in Mumbai should stand up and take notice of it”.  According to many people it should be categorized under the Motorbikes section. One of the persons said “Even a rickshaw is faster, safer, comfortable, cheaper and better looking. Probably a rickshaw would become the hottest car in Pakistan if it is introduced there”. Another person said “If that is a CAR….then the motorbike-rickshaws plying in Old Delhi are HELICOPTERS!! Some make fun of it saying it is a toy car where as the other say it as an automated rickshaw and a ghastly contraption with 4 bicycle wheels! I don’t understand that why Indians are so jealous of that CAR (t). According to me, Pakis have outdone themselves. With a remarkable display of stunning sagacity and acumen that they’re renowned for, they’ve actually managed to produce an indigenous 4 wheeled vehicle. The car even has seat belts for preventing passengers from flying off the cart oops car. :D . According to me, the GREAT SITARA has come out way beyond the expectations in the automobile industry. Just read the amazing specs of the car below to know why. Sitara is “sophisticated”,  “modern” and a record 60 cars (yes, sixty!!.) have been sold since 2004!! It has all the basic amenities like 175cc engine, steering wheel and normal drum brakes. The lack of roof & doors was not a cost cutting measure, but a specialized feature. Because in Pakistan, you never know when you might have to jump immediately out of the car due to a bomb. Having a door will delay such immediate jumps. So better to eliminate doors altogether. Apart from that, I noticed that it has some extraordinary features which can only be found in high end cars like BMW and Benz. It has the following astounding features: 1) Climate Control AC: It means the outside climate influences the temperature within the car because it is fully open anyway. There is not even a roof. If it rains outside, it rains inside the car also. If it is hot outside, it’s hot inside as well. Even the Families moving around in this Car”t” need not take a bath during the rainy season See, climate has the control!!, 2) Airbags, but without bags: They had to eliminate bags to keep down cost. Means only air. no bag. But there is no worry. In case of any accident, just make sure you jump through the open area and land safely on the road. 3) Open roof: To enjoy the moonlight and to talk with the natural breeze when you are “speeding” down the highway. Ohh did I forget to mention that the maximum speed is only 60kmph while the speedometer does have the features of showing the speed of 140 kmph so that one can have a hope that someday the speed might cross 60 or reach 60. But it is a safety measure so that people could slowly enjoy being one with the nature. That’s the extraordinary feature-set of basic model. The high end model has more extraordinary features like self start hazard lights and handbrakes. What more do you want?? All these for just Pakistan Rupees 1 lakh?? Unbelievable!! I am really looking forward to buy this extraordinary car. People will even give more attention towards it and it might attract some new dudes :D . I just wish despite of our bitter issues with Pakistan, Pakistan will still allow me to import it to India.

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