Lies we all tell our parents..

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Everyone lies to their parents. There is NO single person out there with a Soul as pure as Gandhiji. We all have days when we glaze over things just to avoid the disappointment and a messy situation. The few common ones are, 1. Mom: “How was the exam?” You: “It was good.” (then walk out from there before the questioning begins) No matter how easy or difficult the exam is, the only possible answer to that question is ‘Good’. Even though you know a bad result could jeopardize your career and this very exam has potential to be one of those, it was “good”. Another way of looking at it, reverse psychology. Good expectation to brilliant result is good. Good expectation to bad result is also good. Good is always good! 2. Picture the scenario. Last day of exams, exam gets over, you come home and tell mom “I’m going out with the guys, we are going to the new chinese place for dinner” Mom: “Don’t drink!” You: “Yes mom, I don’t drink. Anyway the chinese place doesn’t serve alcohol” It is highly likely that the chinese restaurant doesn’t even exist. Gokul here we come! 3. This is more like an add-on to number 2.You call up home after a big night and say “Im not coming home, we are staying over at XYZs house. Im tired and we just want to hang out together” The most common reason behind that phone call being, you are probably too drunk to even remember where you live. And the next morning when they ask you “How was your night? What did you do” Answer = Timepass.   lies parents strict bewakoof4. So your parents are out for a marriage or party and left you alone at home. You managed to sneak out of the dreaded social gathering only on the pretext of an assignment or an impending exam. They will obviously call up to check. The questioning usually starts with a few ice breakers “Khana khaya? Are you sleepy?” and then “So did you finish studying?”. And thats when the importance of muting that TV comes in. “Yes, long back” is the obvious reply. 5. “We had an extra lecture at college so did not come home on time” Its more likely that you are at a cyber cafe playing Counter Strike or DoTA and shout out “B&*%$% M(*&%%$ chup raho. Mom ka phone hai” The reasons vary, it can be a movie, a date with a potential girl friend or just another day of bunked lectures. 6. This one is not common but it is a personal favorite. Lets consider you flunk in Engineering and get a year drop. So what? Theres no need to worry too much, remain unfazed about it. Just call home and say, “Mom Dad, Mechanical Engineering is now a 5 year program. They changed it this year” Everyone’s happy. (Every engineering story is incomplete without this tale, pass it on – Let the legend live on!) Think of these things 20 years from now. Sit down with them and say “You remember that one time when I said… It wasn’t what really happened” (Number 6 might never get around to confessing I believe) And if they are still mad at you and decide to slap you, resort to any of these lies again! Cheers!

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