Looking for a Vampire Boyfriend?

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Are you incredibly fast and strong? Do you have ice cold hands? Does your eye changes colour? That is, are you a vegetarian Vampire?? No, no. I am no fan of the Twilight series, nor am I particularly dewy-eyed about Robert Pattinson. But it so happens, that the other day one of my friends asked me to help her find a perfect birthday present for her. The only minor problem is that she wants a Vampire boyfriend as her present!! Not an easy thing to find in an Archies Gallery! So for the past few weeks both of us have been on a vampire hunt, searching for anyone who even remotely displays the symptoms mentioned in the beginning. When we go to a food joint, instead of paying attention to our  food, we look around for someone who is sitting alone, not eating anything! We have stared shamelessly at multiple anaemic people, thinking they are pale… so can they be a Vampire? And please don’t brand be mad just because of this, after all I am just trying to fulfill  the criteria that “a friend in need is a friend indeed”! I see girls all around me, fantasising about Vampires! And its not as if only videshi girls are going nuts, because  apparently there is an Indian Vampire on television… funded by none other than Ms Kapoor. So if its in a soap opera, it has got to be a famous fad. But despite it being a fashion, I would prescribe that you don’t go out looking for a vampire boyfriend:

  • Because honestly people, tolerating someone for eternity in no ways sounds like a great idea! Does it?
  • Managing a vampire boyfriend in Indian society is just not feasible. You have got ultra nosy neighbours, who will report every movement near your house to your parents. And even if you live in hostel, let me assure you its not that easy to just walk-in in a girl’s hostel…because there are other girls, warden, security guards! (its really not so easy, as is shown in Indian shows.) :p
  • Moreover, you must have heard ‘old habits die hard’. So if it is true, than a hundred year old vampire would have been born in 1911! I don’t think you could cope with the mentality people had towards girls in those times.
  • Also, there are way too many things in life ( like mosquitoes, irritating neighbours, exams, RESULTS!! ,etc, etc) to suck our blood, without adding a vampire (how so ever handsome) to that list.
So, till you come back to read the next post, stay safe, stay human ;)

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