Myth Busted – NOT SO Proud to be an Indian

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India is a Powerhouse of Talent: Half of the employees in Microsoft, Adobe…or be it any company, you name it, and we have Indians there” this is the most clichéd sentence in text messages. Now someone from the crowd asks, that of course is true? We are everywhere (we are always proud of ourselves, working for other countries!) I say, what is the use of being everywhere? Do we see any Americans working in the Dhaba of Chandigarh roadside? But of course we can see Indians working in pizza corners in LA. What a shame. Remember we are universal, not like air but like plastic. Air is unseen, yet you cannot live without it. Plastic is seen but u can’t live with it right? We of course are powerhouse, but the power from this house is not used for India but for nations far and wide. we sure are Non Returning Indians (NRI). All is Invented in India: If there is any news on a scientific breakthrough A: Ha we have seen a lot of scientific breakthrough; we were very near to inventing it! B: Yes Sir CV Raman, Chandrasekhar, and Ramanujam etc. Other nations cannot match our caliber. C: All this, they are inventing is already said in our Vedas, and holy books. Note: A is a PoliticianB is an Indian scientist, and C is a Senior Citizen of India. We all do accept we have had our own breakthroughs and ethos, but we Indians always don’t give credit to others work. I don’t know why everyone here tries to apply Indian paint, on every other issue happening in the rest of the world Strange for a nation, but true in INDIA. Unity in Diversity: Take any travel guide to India; you can see these verses, INDIA stands on the principle of unity in diversity. The fact is while a countless number of NGO’s and social bodies are working hard to make this a reality, a handful number of politicians want to make it an absolute disaster.They all are united in diversifying us. One famous party leader in Tamilnadu said this “We all are Tamil speaking people, so I order every shops in Tamilnadu to be named in Tamil only, our party has sent a letter to the PM regarding the same” what CRAP? standing example for unity in diversity right?. The point is, I will not cry, or block road not even discuss about a bomb blast in Mumbai, also true is very few in Mumbai will know about the serial bomb blasts in Salem which rocked Tamilnadu, for me people in Mumbai are someone else, that applies to everyone in INDIA, then why speak about unity? Peace Loving Nation: Sounds great! We are the first peace loving Nation; as though all other nations need war. Why should a peace loving country sign nuclear deal? Why do we need BRAHMOS, a surface to air missile? Answer from technocrats will be “in case if we are attacked we should be self-reliant, for our nation’s security we have all these”.What a smart answer. How many of us know that New Zealand a peaceful country in oceanic region has no nuclear war heads. A country named Sweden has no Army at all! Nearly 38% of the country’s income is spent for R&D. Do you know Canada and New Zealand are the only countries in the world without a history of war? Yet no guides in these country says “we are peace loving As Robert Downey JR. in the film, Due Date rightly says “No one who calls themselves bound to Hollywood, has really made it Big, in HollywoodAbove all, Has anyone seen travel and living channel? the programmes shown often depicts foreigners coming to INDIA, trying our food, participating in our celebrations and explaining our history (sadly, No programme in America has Indians explaining about Times Square, duh!), the point here is we are so INDIANish in our approach, that we fail to appreciate global culture. I know speaking or commenting on our own country is not good, but I am afraid in the days to come INDIA will not be remembered as the country of Gandhi and cultural diversity, but the country of scams and corrupt politicians. We always have reasons for everything, and an ever growing crowd of people (population) to point fingers at, but we sure don’t have reasons to live in Ignorance. Anyone trying to stop corruption by fighting against it, and those who even resolute to not undertake corruption atleast at his level is regarded as bewakoof by others. But I would slap these corrupts in the face by saying I’d better prefer being a ‘Bewakoof’ If all we Indians can bewakoofically follow and support the cause of Anna Hazare unanimously, I strongly believe that we can bring an end to this corruption ka ‘deemuk‘ which is eating up the very foundation of the Indian society. With love from Chennai :)

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