Myths about studying in the US!

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The American dream. We’ve all wanted it, some lucky few have lived it and millions try every day of every week of every year! But when you do get to America, very little goes exactly according to plan. Here are a few Myths that every guy out there must have about studying in the US. Myth: Hot American girls in class Reality: In a class of 20, 15 are chinese, 3 Indian, 1 Middle eastern and if you are lucky, 1 American. And if you are really lucky, she might even be a girl. On a parallel topic, I think the Chinese people are armed on their way out. Each one of them is given 1 iPad, 1 iPhone, 1 Macbook and 1 Girl friend with the message “Go Fuck America!” girls bewakoof Myth: Weekend Parties every week! Lots of booze, Lots of partying! Reality: Submission, Assignments and readings. And once you are done with those, throw in a little bit of sleep. Lunch is taken around 8pm when you remember that humans need food for sustenance. The most alcohol you get is the whiff of beer and cheap whiskey from outside dorms and frat houses on a Tuesday. Yes, they party on Tuesdays too! Grad students do party, but its limited to networking nights mostly. You wouldn’t wanna show up drunk in front of a prospective employer and shout in a drunken haze “So, can we have beer at work?”   Myth: Subway for dinner, Starbucks for breakfast, Pizza for Lunch Reality: 8 days out of 7 the only meal you will look forward to is our solid, spicy and even though completely self made – Indian food. Beyond a certain point this kind of fast food stops tasting like food. The only problem being that the cooking starts once the hunger pangs hit you. And without those, theres no drive to begin the cooking. Every Indian student makes more trips to the nearest Patel Brothers than a Wal-mart or any other store! There have been actual fist fights over the last piece of tandoori chicken. Its not a very nice sight!   Myth: All teachers are triple PhDs and super smart! Reality: Most of them are as crappy as the ones in India, albeit in English. Just like we had our own breed of funny people, there are some here. The insanely fun ones are the Mexicans and the Chinese. You can go a whole lecture without following a single conversation between the Chinese students and the Professor, even though they were both talking in ENGLISH!! Some of them talk in the same un interested monotone and take you round and round around the topic. A lecture on sensitivity analysis and spider plots can often end up in Holiday preferences in France or Spain. However the good ones are brilliant in their domain. The whole education system is based on coming up with new technologies and is very forward looking. bewakoof Myth: You acquire an American accent on your own and it sounds COOL! Reality: In most cases, this is essential. It becomes difficult to have conversations if you don’t speak like the other person. Coffee becomes Caaffee, Stop become Staap, Hot becomes Haat.. Its better to use those words rather than repeat in our English 14 times. Did you know using words like ‘like’ make every conversation a breeze. Its like our beloved Inzy, but here we use like instead of ‘the is’. (Inzy was a pioneer in modern conversation tactics! He is the best is the person to ask about is the English is) Like seriously like this makes conversations like so easy like fluent in a way like completely seem natural. you like? Biggest Myth and Reality: Entering this completely foreign world, the only thing we have is ourselves. It connects us with the raw part of our inside, the basic person inside us. But.. Life’s a bitch, it doesn’t matter which part of the world you are in!

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