The TOP 10 Girlfriend Pain Points For Boyfriends

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A Funny Picture of a Girl crying and cribbingGirls are the most beautiful thing to have happened to humanity.  Yet, they are the source of constant headaches to boys who waste most of their time engaging in the game of love. Even more complicated are the facts that some boys enter the game with the philosophy that “Everything is fair in love and war” and the remaining enter the game with the thinking “that truth and honesty always wine”. Yet as personal experience of mine shows, most of the times it is the former who wins and the latter is at best given an ‘acknowledgement certificate’ of his being good at the end. Here are some of the characteristics that most stereotypical girls display when boys try to woo them (if not all, at least some of these pains are experienced by each boyfriend. My heart goes out to them.) 1.    They will believe in all the lies of the one who live with the philosophy of “Everything is fair in love and war” and be done in by them to disbelieve those who try to win the girl over with honesty. 2.    They will believe any compliment you give them, but try suggesting them that they do not look pretty and you are sure to receive a heated response on how they feel they are more beautiful than the others. 3.    While in a relation they will always miss their past boyfriends, and when the current one becomes the ex, miss him too. 4.    They want to go out with someone who is a hulk and wayward in nature, smoking cigarettes and taking drugs, but yet expect that person to be faithful to her. 5.    They find it cool to ride on a bike with their hairs flowing with the wind at great speeds, but show them a movie where someone driving fast encounters a crash, and you will see her shaking her head, becoming sentimental and asking “How can someone drive so fast?6.    They will tend to believe everyone and everything except their boyfriend. Each day their boyfriend is expected to answer each of their queries and receive their phone calls no matter wherever her boyfriend is. 7.    They will spend hours in make up and will constantly want compliments from her boyfriend. Even if she doesn’t look good, her boyfriend is expected to compliment her beauty failing which, a heated argument will take place with the theme “You don’t love me”. 8.    The girl will want her opinions from her boyfriend on things like what to wear and even if her boyfriend tells something else she would at the end eventually go with her own choice, expecting then too her boyfriend to compliment it. 9.    She would expect her friends to be jealous of her boyfriend. This is one of the harsh truths, if the boy is not taken in a good light by the girl’s friends, the relationship would never prosper, as through the boy most of the girl wants to ‘enhance’ their status. 10.    They would always be fooled by a boys’ supposed good behaviour around them. So the nasty boys who pretend to be good actually become good whereas the good boys who actually acknowledge that they did something bad in their life, become ‘bad’.

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