The Witty One-liners by the Smart Bewakoofs [Weekly Caption]

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The top 5 captions by our team of writer’s – Inglourious Bewakoofs, and the fans on the Facebook page of

  1. Thank god ! A truck was not parked there.          - Khushpreet Singh
  2. Tedha hai par mera india hai !!                           – Hetu Ashara
  3. Heights Curves of Laziness                                             – Himanshu Dhiman
  4. Not my work                                                                              – Siddharth Munot
  5. Jab line seedhi na baje, toh tedhi karni padhti hai !!          – Ankush Thapa
Do return next week for more one-liners and wonderful pictures by the smart bewakoofs at work.

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