Things Women don’t know about Men..

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Man is a complex social animal. As ironic as it sounds, MEN are not the complex to figure out. Even more ironically, men are not that social too! So listen up ladies, who knows what might come in handy and when.. 1. When we pee, always leave a one stall gap from the next person. When none is available, 90% wait for a suitable spot to become available. This is undoubtedly the single biggest open secret for men. So next time it takes a man 10 minutes just to go piss in the interval, understand his plight. 2. Don’t talk to men when the television is on. Very simple. Television off, we talk. Television on, we don’t talk. Honestly, you really think hearing about the latest hook up of your best friend is more interesting than that Italy v/s Spain football match? 3. Don’t ask us what we are thinking and expect a reasonable reply. Men are capable of NOT thinking for hours at a stretch (sometimes even days.. good old DoTA and Ragnarok days) 4. Men don’t really care about the billion shades of Brown and Blue there are in the world. Teal, Azure, Cyan, Navy, Egyptian, Periwinkle etc. are all still BLUE! (I googled these incase you are wondering how I know them!) 5. Men don’t care about clothes. In fact, they don’t give a shit about clothes. Yours or ours. All we could ever want is a pair of work clothes and a pair of home clothes. (and it doesn’t matter if they are the same) Life is too short to waste away by pondering over which shoes to wear with what pants. There are more important things to worry about, like the next Batman movie! 6. All men are pigs. No matter how well mannered or well brought up or ‘good’ your guy is, they all look at women. And look nice and long! Some are just more discrete than others. And more often than not, the looking is not a threat to the woman they are with. Its just appreciating whats out there, doesn’t mean they want it! This is not being sexist, this is being honest..

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