Top 5 Bollywood Villains

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Bollywood has come a long way from what it was, it has becomes much more sophisticated in its cinematography, screenplay, to some really good editing work and most all some good acting and directing. The movies back in the 80’s and 90’s were not bad but they lacked a lot of things and they were all covered up by the performance that was given by the actor who played the negative role more widely known as the Villain. Let’s have a look at the best villains that bollywood has given us over the years. 5. Gulshan Grover. bewakoof bad man bollywood He is one of the original bollywood villains who are still in the industry. In his recent interview, he said that villains are disappearing and only he is the specialised villain who is still there in the business. One of his greatest movies was Ram Lakhan in which there was this dialogue that he used to repeat “BAD MAN” and since then he is known as the BAD MAN of the B-Town. His greatest villainous role came in the movie raghuveer for which he also won the filmfare award. 4. Amjad Khan. bollywood villain bewakoof “Kitne aadmein the ?” the dialogue which has been used by all us in our lives at some point or the other pretending to be GABBAR SINGH. His portrayal of Gabbar Singh is considered by many to be the first depiction of pure evil on the screen in Indian Cinema: a totally evil character who doesn’t make excuses for his evil. His mannerisms and dialogues have become an integral part of Bollywood lexicon and spawned numerous parodies and spoofs. 3. Shakti Kapoor. Aau bollywood Nowadays we see him on a lot of comedy movies but originally he was a villain when he entered the bollywood circuit. He went for a complete image change from the villains that he used to play to a comedy actor which we don’t like that much. But the best role that he got in his career was when he was asked to enter the big boss house with more ladies that he could handle. 2. Anupam Kher. bollywood kher He is a serious actor, always has been but he does funny movies once in a while but not many remember that he used to a dreadful villain once. From playing the crazy scientist Dr.Dang to playing a dad who doesn’t want his daughter to marry a poor but good looking hero. 1.Amrish Puri. bollywood villain amrish  puri The most BADASS super villain that our film industry has ever seen and there is still no one who can over take him. He played villain in countless movies, the most famous of them all being in Mr.India, in which he has a army along with a mad scientist under his control. “Mogambo khush hua” the most memorable dialogue of his entire career.

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