Yeh ‘Ladki’ Hai, Yeh sab Jaanti hai

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How girls perceive the impressive actions of the guys: 1. Whenever a guy meets a girl for the first time he says.. ”I m single dear because I am in search of true love“. Dude..You are no Shahrukh Khan!! The girl knows its all holy shit…Knows that he is a despo who has not been even looked twice by a girl in his entire life and is acting like a true lover now or he is a retard who has slept with so many beauties and now wants me to entertain him.   2. Girls till now just can’t understand one thing: Why do guys have to speed up their bikes or cars in front of them ?? Hey its foolish because we wanna be in safe hands and not with dumb riders like you..We are IDIOT-SAFE..     3. Why do guys have to smoke in front of girls??? Com’on guys!! You know how health conscious girls are.They are much more bothered about lungs rather than style.They smile looking at you smoking because they are not impressed at all but rather they think..”saala jaldi upar jayega..!!!”     4. Why do guys always have to call their EX when they are drunk ??? Guys this is not the right time to show your guts.Get into your dirty heads that your time is over..!! Girls know it’s the alcohol that’s oozing out and not you..because if it had been you,then she would have never broken up..!!   5. Why do guys have to stare at the wrong places ??? Guys..this is sick !! It portrays you as a total cheapster who just wanna do nothing else than making out.Girls know this and they even know how to deal with morons like this. 6. Why do guys say “tum nahi mili to main jaan de dunga”?? Hahhahh..girls know its funny. They know his life is gonna be recovered as soon as the new girl walks in his life.Thus to add to the fun,even they say… “haan haan..agar hum ek nahi hue to hum saath jaan de denge..!!”   7. Why guys have to be “THE MACHO” ?? Swelled up muscles,spike gelled hair,tight fitting clothes…guys rather than creating a fashion statement,you create a mockery of your own. Girls don’t want bodyguards,they want true lovers ..!! So guys beware… “Agar Aapko Ladki Pataani Hai toh Jaag Jao..” Girls have turned much more smarter now and they are not as big fools as you think they are. “Agar Aapko Pyaar Chahiye aur Sandal Nahin..” Then just be genuine and be yourself !!

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